17 March 2011

Temporary Airman

I passed my checkride re-test on Monday afternoon. I hadn't planned on taking it that day. I had gone up for a review flight earlier and was all set to schedule the test. The examiner happened to be at the airport and was available, so we just hopped into the airplane and got it over with. I didn't have the opportunity to become nervous. I could not be happier.

The test started out with a mistake: when taxiing forward from the tie-down spot, I was unable to turn the airplane. Someone had set the parking brake, and it took me a while to realize that. In all of my training, I've used the parking brake maybe once and it has never been set when I got into the airplane. Embarrassing. I'll never miss that again. 

Installation of a rebuilt ILS antenna at HEF

I flew from Manassas (KHEF) to Warrenton (KHWY) and performed the maneuvers that I botched last time: the emergency approach and soft-field landing. The emergency approach was OK. Throttle closed at 2000 feet AGL about a mile out from the runway. I didn't have enough altitude for a third spiral at the end of runway 33, but we were still high, so I added full flaps, S-turned a bit, and forward slipped it in. The flare carried me a bit past the 1000 ft. marker, but touchdown was within the first third of the runway and on the centerline. I performed the Engine Failure emergency checklist but neglected the Before Landing checklist (mistake). I also missed an Enroute Climb checklist when the examiner distracted me by giving instructions as we climbed through 1000 feet AGL.

The soft-field landings weren't my best work. Too much power added too early, the airplane ballooned and I recovered. The attempt on return at Manassas was a little bit better. I've surely got practice to do, but I managed to keep it within the standards (PTS).


  1. Congrats on getting your ticket. I just received mine on January 19th. There is nothing like the feeling of having that temporary certificate in your hand.


  2. Beth,
    Thanks! Congratulations on getting your ticket. Cool blog, BTW. Glad to hear that your first lunch run went well. My passenger got sick during mine last Thurs--not a reflection at all on my flying skills :-)