20 January 2011

Signed-off to take the Checkride

I didn't pull off a great performance this afternoon, but as embarassing as it was, my flying was good enough for the senior CFI.  It all came down to the soft field landing at the very end:  if it was within PTS, he'd let me take the checkride, otherwise I fly again. That landing was a little off the centerline (not enough right rudder) and I was ham-handed with throttle, but I didn't let the nosewheel touch. 

I learned a few things, as always, including a new way to do the short-field approach.  I also learned the correct way to enter a turn, which I should have learned long ago.  Answer: don't lead with the rudder.  And I think I did a constant speed descent for the first time. I also learned  the criteria for Convective SIGMETs--he stumped me there: I didn't know about the 3/4" hail, 50 knot wind, or VIP 4 coverage area criteria.
 Now, I have perfectionist streak in me--a personality defect, for sure--and it has really worked against me during flight training.Voltaire wrote, "the Best is the enemy of the Good." I need to keep repeating that quote to myself before the test, and just do it. I was warned not to try to practice too much before the test in some attempt to perfect the maneuvers, because good enough can quickly become not good enough if I make a bunch of solo flights and pick up bad habits. I will work hard to refine my stick and rudder skills after I have my pilot certificate.

Once I resolve an IACRA SNAFU, I'll be able to schedule the test. The weather looks good Saturday, so I am going to fly solo for practice unless I can get the test set up by then.  I'm really looking forward to the practical test. While part of me doesn't quite feel ready, I know I am a safe pilot and I know I can pass this thing.   

Flight time today: 1.8 hrs dual, 0.3 hrs simulated instrument
Total time to date: 60.3 hrs total, 47.3 hrs dual, 13.0 hrs Solo/PIC, 5.3 hrs sim. instrument

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