24 January 2011

Got back on the horse

In the wake of yesterday's fun, I decided to fly as soon as possible to address my proficiency deficiencies and wrap this thing up. The weather was good today (-1C on the field). It felt absolutely balmy compared to yesterday. Another instructor saw me preflighting the airplane and stopped by to offer some encouragement, which was very much appreciated.

I flew to Warrenton (KHWY) to practice engine-out landings and soft-field landings.  The emergency landing was OK. Some of the soft-field landings were pretty ugly:  I was cranking in way too much left rudder/not enough aileron for the crosswind correction and then not getting on the right rudder fast enough when I picked up the nose in the flare. I was also flaring too high and dropping it in today for some reason. More practice clearly required.

Flight time today: 1.6 hrs dual

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