16 December 2010


From FAA 00-6A: Aviation Weather, 1975.

In a pre-coffee--0630 EST--haze, I confirmed my suspicions and called my instructor to cancel.  Last night's TAFs, Forecast Discussion, and Prog Charts didn't look promising, but if the onset of snow and IFR conditions held off just an hour past the 1500Z predicted start time at HEF, it may have been possible to sneak in a quick practice area flight or some pattern work. No such luck, and it didn't occur to me that I could have gotten a few circuits in with a Special VFR clearance. So it goes.

The METARs from nearby Virginia airports were full of conditions that I hadn't seen before:

KIAD 161552Z 15003KT 1/2SM R01R/3500V4000FT SN FZFG VV004 M07/M09 A2988 RMK AO2 SLP123 P0004 T10671089
What is freezing fog (FZFG)?  Richmond got snow and ice pellets (PL):

KRIC 161854Z 00000KT 5SM -SNPL BR OVC009 M03/M04 A2976 RMK AO2 CIG 007V013 SLP084 PLB48 P0003 T10281039
And Lynchburg's forecast had freezing rain with ice pellets (FZRAPL) and freezing drizzle (FZDZ) on the menu: 
KLYH 161740Z 1618/1718 00000KT 1SM -SNPL BR SCT008 OVC015 
     FM162000 02003KT 3SM -FZRAPL BR OVC007 
     FM170100 34003KT 2SM -FZDZ BR BKN007 OVC040 
     FM170700 30003KT 4SM BR BKN012 OVC040 
FM171200 28004KT P6SM SKC
OK, enough METAR code for now.  I learn something new every day...

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