28 July 2010

No flying today: low cloud ceiling

Earlier this morning, I preflighted the Cessna 172P and started the engine.  We tuned up the ATIS frequency (125.175 MHz at Manassas) and they reported a broken cloud layer at 1200 feet.  My CFI called the tower to confirm that observation and promptly pulled the fuel mixture to idle-cutoff. The engine stopped.  No flying today.

This was my first weather cancellation, so I've been lucky. The traffic pattern altitude is at 1200 feet so there was no way we could keep 500 feet below the clouds, the VFR minimum for Class D airspace.   An instructor for another flight school was flying with a student, and I'm not sure how they were allowed to do that.

I took a look at my training record from last flight.  A 1.5 score is actually good.  So I guess it was less of a disaster than I made it out to be.  I took a lot away from that lesson, anyway.

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